Yilmaz Kardeş, which was founded by brothers Riza and Yilmaz Büyükzeren in 1959 to do weld and bodyworks , is a brand serving today in many regions of the world from the Arabian Peninsula to Europe. It is a righteous success that does not compromise the vision of modern technology, , our share of customer-centric approaches is great.
In cooperation and ongoing partnership between the company and the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Foundation, we have worked on a number of projects and developed a range of products capable of meeting the needs of users and the market. Therefore, our company is one of the first companies to innovate and innovate in this field in Turkey. Yilmaz Brothers Company was the first to produce hydraulic vacuum and filling platforms in Turkey in 1973. Our company today, continues to meet the needs of the sector in every field, filling a large gap through the manufacture and production of all platforms, elevator crane loads, Market requirements of loading machines and platforms. Our goal is to provide the service that we have been providing for half a century, and to develop and develop it so that it can meet the needs of the market and customers, and identify them get new patents,we will continue to dream, and always maintain precedence in manufacturing and strive to put our name in the first mattress in the world.


VISION To have a reputable, stable, reliable and sharing structure that does not compromise on service in order to be a pioneer in the sector with our knowledge and experience.

MISSION To become a dynamic and innovative institution that contributes to national production in its own sector, depending on ethical values ​​and has a sense of responsibility towards society.

Our quality programs

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by constantly and timely responding to the needs and expectations of customers in accordance with changing, developing conditions.
  • To follow the technological developments related to our sector and to use the most advanced techniques in our production and services.
  • To take the necessary measures for satisfaction, motivation and training by ensuring the participation of our employees in order to increase the quality of our products and services.
  • To reduce the wastage rates, to bring the costs to the optimum level and to be a company with high quality and competitiveness,
  • Producing in accordance with legal requirements and other domestic and foreign standards, respecting the environment, based on work and worker safety.
  • To improve our quality management system by observing at certain periods and to improve continuously.