Side - Tilted Type Discharging Platformes
  • Truck Unloading
  • Trucks unloading with tractor
  • Demountable connection for Project changes in future
  • Maintenance easiness due to installation of unit in concrete channel.
  • Because the duct is installation, it provides space freedom.
  • Shipping in Monoblock in the country.
  • Open-Top container for overseas shipping.
  • Long lifetime with reinforced design

Sectors where Discharge Platforms are Used.

Flour Industry – Mill industry – Feed industry – Ports – Scrap Waste Material Disposals – Grain Warehouse and Silos – Food Stock Warehouse Distribution Centers – Sugar Factories – Beet Offloading Facilities – Potato Factories – Fruit Juice Plants – Coal Discharge and Filling Facilities – All central load-unloading stations – All types of workloads with mobile type unloading platform.. etc. – Chips Factory – corn discharging facilities – Sand Stoves – Wheat Unloading Facilities – Soil Crop Office and Buğday Buying Centers.