Yılmaz Kardeş Damper 6. Uluslar arası Konferansına Sponsor

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6.Şubat.2015 Tarım üreticileri için 6.Uluslar arası konferansına sponsor olan Yılmaz Damper Hidrolik Sanayi A.Ş.‘nin  Mobil şeker pancarı boşaltım, temizleme ve istifleme projesi tamamlanarak kullanıcıların hizmetine sunulmuştur.isimsiz

6-th International Conference for agricultural producers and suppliers of agricultural inputs and services meant for agricultural producers, farm land investors, inputs manufacturers, dealers and distributors, financiers, insurers, agribusiness investors, policy makers.

We believe the 2015 Conference will stimulate the exchange of news and new ideas, establish new business contacts, and contribute to better corporate strategies and government decisions.

In February 2015 we will violate our “academics” tradition and start the Conference from the Round table of the leaders of agricultural companies from key domestic production regions, who will discuss most acute issues of domestic farm economics.

Main topics of Conference:

  • Sanctions, anti-sanctions, macroeconomics: what are the resultant vectors for domestic agricultural players
    Who is to win, who is to lose. Discuss together: how to squeeze out maximum and not to lose minimum
  • World agriculture: situation and outlook
  • Regional and crop margins: lessons to be learned from the past seasons and scenario forecast for 2015/16
  • Big data seriously and forever: high-tech in agriculture
    How to keep up with global context. First big public discussion in Russia with participation of reputable foreign experts
  • Government regulation of agriculture: most painful topics
    As usual, open discussion with participation of key leaders of Russian agribusiness associations, agribusinessmen, government employees

The Conference “Where the margin is 2015” will be held on February 6, 2015, in the Radisson Slavianskaya Hotel in Moscow.

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